Creative, ambitious and always full of new ideas...

My name is Nicolae Negru and bellow you can find some biographical details. In 2009 I have graduated the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics (ASE Bucharest), and in 2013 PHP courses held by Telecom Academy.

Ever since high-school, I've started acquiring more knowledge in the web-developing domain. I have an excellent command of HTML 5 markup language (and Bootstrap) and the standard CSS 3 or Less, as well, I am very well acquainted with the basic elements of PHP/MySQL languages and JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX). Also, I have a very good command of applications such as MVC - CodeIgniter, Smarty, or CMS - WordPress. Among the helping graphics applications I have good knowledge of: Photoshop, Illustrator si Dreamweaver.

To summarize, the projects I have finished can reflect an image about my qualities and knowledge in the web-programming domain.

Villa Clara -
-- description: presentation website of a fashion house from Germany
-- features: maximage slider, zoom-gallery in magnific popup, seo, control panel
-- technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Rombrandt -
-- description: online catalog with tablets and accessories
-- features: jssor slider, single image lightbox and zoom-gallery in magnific popup, search, seo, control panel
-- technologies: CodeIgniter Framework (PHP, MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 / LESS)

Health&Beauty Magazine -
-- description: online magazine with beauty, health, events, stories
-- features: huge IT image gallery, bubble SEO, contact form 7, facebook like box, mailpoet newsletters, woocommerce
-- technologies: WordPress

Club A -
-- description: the oldest club in Bucharest Old City
-- features: jssor slider, zoom image, seo, control panel for news & events, posters, banners
-- technologies: Graph API (Facebook API), PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 / LESS, Adobe Photoshop

IF Petre Maria -
-- description: presentation website, complete funeral services in Ploiesti
-- features: bxslider, magnific popup with fade-slide animation, photo galleries, histats, seo
-- technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 / LESS, Adobe Photoshop

Vila 23 -
-- description: presentation website for Vila 23 from Snagov, which offers resort, restaurant, spa and conference services
-- features: background image carousel, book now, dynamic menu with images, photo galleries, restaurant menu in popup, seo
-- technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML5, CSS3 / LESS, Adobe Photoshop

Andreea Ramona Voicu -
-- description: presentation website of a junior national figure skating champion
-- technologies: WordPress, Adobe Photoshop

Mabis -
-- description: furniture producer, online catalog
-- technologies: WordPress

Dans Prenatal - dansuri orientale pentru viitoarele mamici:
-- presentation website
-- technologies: WordPress
-- URL:

J&F Trust Translation -
-- description: legal advice website for abroad Romanians
-- technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Photoshop