I am Nick and programmer|father|freelancer|traveler.
Creative, ambitious and always full of new ideas...

About Me

  • Academia de Studii Economice

    My humble beginnings

    In 2009 I have graduated the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics (ASE Bucharest), and in 2013 PHP courses held by Telecom Academy.

  • Programming languages

    Programming language

    I have an excellent command of HTML 5 markup language (and Bootstrap) and the standard CSS 3 or Less, as well, I am very well acquainted with the basic elements of PHP/MySQL languages and JavaScript (jQuery, AJAX).

  • Frameworks


    Also, I have a very good command of applications such as MVC - Laravel 5.x, CodeIgniter 3.x, Zend 1.x, Smarty, or CMS - WordPress.

  • Web design

    Web design

    Among the helping graphics applications I have good knowledge of: Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Projects


    To summarize, the projects I have finished can reflect an image about my qualities and knowledge in the web-programming domain.

  • Be Part
    Of My

My working process

Conversant with different sorts of websites including responsive design, presentation website, online catalog, blog etc.


Sustain a workshop in order to extract relevant information.


Create a layout based on the sketches.


Develop the application based on layout / template.


Website solved based on customer feedback and delivered to the customer.


Personal Projects


Presentation website


Presentation website

Servicii Funerare Petre

Presentation website

Projects in partnership with...

The websites below have been implemented on my jobs, either by myself or with colleagues.

Oxford Biochronometrics